At Cygnet we have a motto.. "Never put art before business and never put business before art."

What that means to us is that you cannot make great films by only thinking about money and you cannot make money by only focusing on art. We have found this to be at the core of our success to date.

We are dedicated to making films that will both entertain and make a profit. We are keen to never let the audience member down once they commit to spending their money and 90 or 120 minutes of their time to view a film of ours.

It is not a secret that independent films consistently fail to earn a profit and often times, even to recoup their production costs.

With aggressive and active advertising campaigns aimed directly at our target audiences, maintaining the highest production quality and value and spending the necessary funds to see that the public hears about our movies, is paramount in our business model for Cygnet's success.

Thank you for your interest in Cygnet Entertainment. Please feel free to reach out to us if you would like to be involved in a collaboration with our company or if you have a completed film that is seeking global distribution or sales agency representation.